Panel Series

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Mito Red Original 2.0 Series


Super charged, high powered targeted treatment with the MitoMIN 60 LED red light therapy device. Best value targeted red light therapy panel available on the...

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MitoPRO Series


Award winning quad wavelength design aimed at maximizing Cytochrome C Oxidase activity. Buy 2 panel package, save an additional 5%. Buy 4 panel package, save an...

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MitoADAPT Series


Only available from Mito Red, the patent-pending MitoADAPT Series with dual chip multi-wavelength design provides an incredible ELEVEN different possible modes. To learn more about...

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Mobile Devices

Mito Mobile


Introducing the new Mito Mobile! The same powerful red and near-infrared LEDs you can take with you on the go! Portable red light therapy in...

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Mito Mobile FLEX


The Mito Mobile FLEX is unique in that it allows you to use: 1) All 12 LEDs as NIR or 2) All 12 LEDs as Red...

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Mito Mobile Super


Introducing the new Mito Mobile Super! The most advanced and versatile mobile red light therapy device ever created! Key Features:    - Small and lightweight...

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Flexible Devices

Mito Red LIght Belt

Mito Red Light Quad Wavelength belt

Mito Red Light Full Body Mat

Commercial Products

MitoPRO Commercial Series

MitoPERFORM Commercial Series

Mito Red Light Room

Mito Red Light Bed


Mito Red Light Helmet

Mito Red Light Pro Laser Helmet

Package Deals PRODUCTS

Skin Rejuvenation Bundle - MitoPRO 300 + 3X Maysama Serum

MitoPRO 300 + Advanced Red Light Therapy Belt Bundle

MitoPRO 300 + Mito Mobile FLEX Bundle

PEMF - Therapeutic Magnetism

OMI PEMF Full Body Mat + Medallion

OMI PEMF Full Body Mat, OMI MiniMat/Chair Mat, OMI PEMF Medallion

OMI PEMF Full Body Mat, OMI Ring, OMI Pulsepad