MitoMIND™ Helmet



Introducing the MitoMIND™ Helmet - a cutting-edge innovation for enhanced brain performance and overall well-being. The MitoMIND™ gives you transcranial photobiomodulation therapy with an impressive 256 810nm LEDs, from the comfort of your home! Utilizing advanced red light therapy technology, this sleek helmet promotes increased cognitive function, mental clarity, and focus.

Experience the revitalizing power of near-infrared light as it stimulates cellular energy production and supports brain health. With its ergonomic design and adjustable fit, the MitoMIND™ Helmet offers comfort during each revitalizing session. Elevate your mental capabilities and achieve peak performance with this exceptional brain-boosting device. Unleash your full potential today with the MitoMIND™ Helmet.

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Find the MitoMIND User Manual here 

SIX Preset Programs 

Recharge, Sleep, Meditate, Relax, Concentrate, Peak Focus 

Custom Settings

Allows you to change time, pulse rate and intensity

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  • Recharge ----0Hz, 100% power level , working time 10 minutes
  • Sleep----2Hz, 50% power level, working time 15 minutes
  • Meditate----5Hz, 50% power level, working time 15minutes

  • Relax----10Hz, 75% power level, working time 15 minutes
  • Concentrate----16Hz, 75% power level, working time 12 minutes
  • Peak Focus----40Hz, 100% power level, working time 6 minutes


The human mind is incredibly flexible - so too is the MitoMIND™! The advanced software and control module of the MitoMIND™, allows the user to select the HZ that correspond with various brain waves.

  • Specifications Wavelength: 810nm
  • Led diodes: 256pcs
  • Led chip size: 14mil
  • Led diode rated power: 200mW
  • Led diode actual working power:50mW
  • Led diode current :30mA
  • Helmet power: 15W
  • Irradiance (solar meter): 28mW/cm2
  • Irradiance (spectroradiometer): 14mW/cm2
  • Controller with 6 presets and standard setting Preset : Recharge, Sleep, Medicate, Relax, Concentrate, Peak
  • Focus Standard setting
  • Working time:1-30minutes
  • Frequency :1-20,000Hz
  • Power level : 25%, 50%, 75% , 100%