Official Red Light Therapy Partner of the Arizona Coyotes

The NHL's Arizona Coyotes Use Red Light Therapy and Salt Therapy for Recovery

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Who Use & Recommend Mito Red
Penny Smith
Master Esthetician and Expert on Healthy and Youthful Skin and Creator of PennSmithSkincare
Parmita Katkar
Founder of Blush With Me-Parmita, an online channel dedicated to empowering women through cultivation of self-image, confidence, and powerful inner and natural beauty.
Erika Klemperer MD
Dr. Erika Klemperer is an expert in diseases of the skin, committed to cultivating sustainable and thriving health in partnership with her patients.
Kimberly Montgomery
Expert on Skin Care, Makeup & Style for the Over 50 Woman and Creator of PrettyOverFifty
Bev May
Creator of Maysama - Skincare with a ConSCIENCE
Melanie Pizzle
Expert on skin care and makeup. Creator of the popular MrKongsMom YouTube channel.
Mito Red Community


Who Use & Recommend Mito Red
Tejay Antone
Pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds
Kyle Allen
NFL Quarterback for Washington
Kristen Bujnowski
Member of the Canadian Bobsled Team
Tyler Beede
Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants
Ryan Sherriff
Pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays
Sugar Sean O'Malley
UFC Fighter
Will Dissly
Tight End for the Seattle Seahawks
Hunter Dozier
Third Baseman for the Kansas City Royals
JB Wendelken
Pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks
Matt Festa
Pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
Jalen Beeks
Pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays
Aaron Brooks
Pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
Mito Red Community


Who Use & Recommend Mito Red
Dr. David Jockers
Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor
Alex Fergus
Red Light Therapy Expert, Athlete, High Performance Coach, Biohacker and Health and Wellness Guru
Dr. Dan Pompa
Expert on Natural Health Solutions
Katie Wells
Health & Wellness Expert and Founder of WellnessMama
Justin Roethlingshoefer / Own It
With over 20 years of experience in the high performance space, Justin has positioned himself as a thought leader and disruptor of the status quo when it comes to human optimization.
Janna Breslin & Evan DeMarco
Complete Human explores the world of bio-optimization, offering practical tools to support Mental Fortitude, Physical Health, Spiritual Abundance and Planetary Connection.
Carl Lanore
Founder and broadcast host of “Super Human Radio” Carl is a tireless researcher, motivator and crusader.
Morozko Forge
Thomas Seager, PhD, Jason Stauffer, Adrienne Jezick - Morozko Forge makes the only ice bath in the world that can maintain freezing temperatures and makes its own ice. We provide the science, experience and equipment to lead a more natural life in this unnatural world.
Eeva Hayashi
Biohacking Expert and Founder of Kenkohacks - Ancestral health wisdom & Latest health trends from Japan and other corners of the earth.
Micah Lowe
Founder of Simply O3 ozone therapy equipment. Micah, known as the Ozonaut, is leading the field of ozone therapy to help people heal and optimize.