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skin -

Red light therapy and the future of skin care

            Because red light therapy is non-invasive and provides a regenerative process in the skin, it has become an increasingly popular therapy by people wanting to reduce wrinkles and other effects of skin aging. While red light therapy is a newer type of therapy, emerging research is showing great promise in the use of red light to reduce the effects of UV light and promote skin health.

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sleep -

Red light therapy leverages unique properties of certain wavelengths red (visible) and near infrared (invisible) light to help promote wellness. People use red light therapy for a variety of purposes, including to reverse skin aging, improve wound healing, increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve joint health, and have better sleep.

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5w vs 3w, irradiance -

Recently an article (written by a competing LED light therapy company) was brought to our attention by a customer.

This article is a very poor (and often misleading) attempt to myopically claim that 3w LEDs are somehow superior to 5w LEDs. The reality is that LED size is simply one design element of a light therapy device - other important elements include quality of the LEDs, beam angle, number of LEDs, spacing between LEDs, how much power is driven through the LEDs, etc. Nevertheless this article raises some issues specific to LED size, so we quickly address the claims below.

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3rd party testing, irradiance -

We are super excited to share results from recent independent, third party testing performed on Mito Red's MitoMOD 900

These tests were performed by Independent Testing Laboratories (ITL) in Colorado, one of the most respected testing companies in the world.

The results show that the MitoMOD 900 delivers unmatched value in a full body red light therapy device.

The 3rd party testing results show that the MitoMOD 900 delivers an impressive 47,320 Joules in 10 minutes.

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buyer's guide, red light therapy -

We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of what questions consumers should be asking when deciding which is the best red light therapy device to purchase. We know for many this is a large purchase and they want to make sure they are investing wisely. Here is a quick summary of the primary features you should evaluate and questions you should have answered before making a buying decision.

Unfortunately, many companies in this industry take a simple topic (it’s just light after all) and do everything they can to make it overly complicated. They do this in an effort to confuse the consumer and ultimately justify a higher price tag. Our goal here is to cut through the noise and explain what really matters.

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