Mito Red Light No Blue Light Sleep Lamp (Red 633nm)


Introducing the Mito Red Light No Blue Light Sleep Lamp (Red 633nm):

The Mito Red No Blue Light Sleep Lamp is versatile, practical, flicker-free and extremely energy efficient. Experience ultimate lighting freedom with its integrated rechargeable battery, offering up to 12 hours of cordless illumination. Tailor your lighting with three brightness settings and enjoy its travel-friendly design, perfect for any adventure.

Use on your nightstand for a relaxing atmosphere that protects your circadian rhythm. Safeguard your melatonin production with the lamp's 100% blue and green light-free 633nm LEDs.

Use on your desk next to your computer to mitigate the blue-green flickering light that emanates from your computer screen. With flicker-free 633nm LEDs, the soft and relaxing red glow from the lamp may help to counteract eye strain caused by the flickering blue / green light that comes from your computer. 

  • Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy the freedom of a portable light source with the integrated rechargeable battery, providing up to 12 hours of runtime. No need to worry about outlets or cords – take it wherever you go! 
  • 3 Brightness Settings: Tailor the lighting to your preferences with three adjustable brightness settings. The touch sensor control ensures a seamless and convenient experience. 
  • Travel Friendly & Portable: Compact and easy to carry, the Mito Red Portable Desk Lamp is your ideal travel companion. Illuminate your space with the perfect light, whether you're at home or on the go. 
  • 100% Blue & Green Light Free: Prioritize your well-being with our lamp that eliminates blue and green light. This optimal light type helps promote relaxation, making it ideal for your evening routine and nighttime use. 
  • Flexible Design: Our flexible 360-degree design allows for precise light positioning. Enjoy versatile usage as the lamp can go wherever you may need it.

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