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Setting Up Your Affiliate Account & Customizing Your Coupon Code

Details to help you set up your Affiliate Account

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How To Create Customized Links to Any Page on


Larger Commissions Per Sale NOW AVAILABLE

Some people want the best of the best and others are looking to minimize their treatment times and maximize their coverage by creating a full Red Light Therapy array like the one here.

While it is still a tremendous value compared to what our competitors offer, this MitoPRO 4 panel array with a stand quickly becomes a $3500 sale.

Learn how to link directly to it by watching the short video above. 


Maybe You'd Like to Educate Your Audience About Specific Benefits

Some people love to find out that the benefits that they've heard about aren't just anecdotal so we've created blog posts with links to the relevant scientific research about many of the major benefits that people are looking for with Red Light Therapy.

Here's an example of one that goes into detail about the benefits and the science associated to anti-aging and skin health.

Find out how to create a customized affiliate link so that you can send your audience to relevant pieces of content like this in the video above.

Done For You Swipe & Deploy Emails

***Please use these as a template and modify them so that they are in your voice and congruent with your brand. These emails are some of our top converting education pieces and now you can use them to engage your audience and make more sales.

Email 1 - Skin Benefits of RLT

Email 2 - Pain Relief Benefits of RLT

Email 3 - Sleep and Immune Benefits of RLT

Want More Content for Specific Products?

Let us know which products you'd like to showcase on your Social Media profiles or on your website so that we can continue to support you by creating customized content that is best suited to your audience.

Send me an email at:

MitoMod Series Product Photos

You can either right click or long press any of these images and save them for use on your Social Media profiles or on your website.

Social Images

Social Images, Videos and Instagram Stories
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Product Images

The full Mito Red Product Line
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Model images

High Resolution Model Photographer Displaying our Products
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Customized Giveaways
Build goodwill with your audience while educating them about the benefits of Red Light Therapy. This proven campaign leads to conversion and all you have to do is share it with your audience and we take care of the rest.
Special Landing Pages for High Traffic Partners
If you will regularly be sending at least 500+ clicks to our site each month then I want to help you increase your conversion percentage with us. We will create a customized page that welcomes your traffic to our site and optimizes their experience to drive a higher conversion rate.
Feedback To Continue Growing
We recommend that you Check your Affiliate Dashboard at least once every other week to ensure that your links are working properly and so that you can understand how much traffic you are sending and how it is converting. It can be easy to identify what type of content is the most productive for you because of the tracking that's available to you within LeadDyno.
Additional Incentives Available for Top Performing Partners
We greatly appreciate your efforts to support our mission of educating more people about the benefits of Red Light Therapy so that they can experience it for themselves. Partners who regularly send a high volume of traffic and sales are often the first people who get to test our new products and/or upgrade their existing RLT arrays as an added bonus of our work together. Plus, there are also opportunities to earn an even higher commission.


Use these to create customized content for your blog posts, videos or social media content by leveraging the IMMENSE science that backs up the use case for Red Light Therapy.