Treat yourself with these top self-care gadgets

Wake up, turn on the red light. That's my idea of self care. This Mito Pro 300X is your ticket to experiencing the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy without the hassle and expense of in-office visits. Red light therapy has been hailed for its potential to enhance collagen production, reduce the signs of aging, and promote an overall sense of relaxation....

TikTok beauty finds worth buying

TikTok is basically a beauty lover’s mecca. You can discover viral beauty products and top glam trends, and learn every expert application technique under the sun. Licensed esthetician and beauty expert, Elena Duque shares her picks for coveted fall skin care and hair care products that are worth the buy. Her recommendations include the following...

The importance of stretching with trainer Eraldo Maglara

NSCA certified fitness trainer Eraldo Maglara talks total body health and wellness, starting by showing us a red light therapy full body mat. This product focuses on overall health and wellness by relaxing you, getting rid of inflammation, and helping joint pain...

2023 fall skin care essentials

“Mito Mobile Flex is portable. It's red-light therapy that fits in the palm of your hand. It's only one and a half pounds,” says Duque. “It is good for collagen, acne, tissue repair and wound healing.”
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