MitoRed vs Competitors

See how the Mito Red Light compares
to its competition.

First we have a comparison of energy output between the MitoMAX and the Joovv Solo.

MitoMax Joovv Solo* Mito Red
01 Total Energy Output in 10 Minutes (Joules)
02 Total Light Output Power (Watts)
03 Device Surface Area (sq cm)
04 Joules Per Sq cm/minute
05 LEDs
06 Cost
07 Joules Per Dollar Invested
  • * MitoMAX data courtesy of Independent Testing Laboratories (ITL) in Colorado, one of the most respected testing companies in the world.
    More information can be found on our blog post summarizing the test results.
  • * Joovv Solo data is taken directly from Joovv's website and is also from ITL. This data is from the same laboratory, same equipment and the tests were even conducted by the same engineers!

Power Irradiance at 6 inches
(mW/cm 2)

In November 2019, a red light therapy expert measured irradiance of the TOP SIX full body red light panels on the market. In his tests, the Mito Red Light MitoMAX came out #1.

Mito Red MitoMAX: 71

Brand PL: 66

Brand RR: 60

Brand RLR: 58

Brand JO: 48

Brand MH: 45

* Measurements above were taken with a $2,500 spectrometer from Hopoo Color Technology (model OHSP-350F testing wavelengths from 350nm to 1050nm). Full video can be found on Youtube.

Summary - Irradiance at
12 inches

Lastly we have some of our own irradiance measurements comparing the MitoMAX to other
popular full body panels on the market.

Brand A

Irradiance at 12 inches- 353 w / m2

Brand B

Irradiance at 12 inches - 341 w / m2


Irradiance at 12 inches - 505 w / m2

* All measurements taken with TES 1333 Portable Solar Power Irradiance Meter. While we discuss drawbacks and limitations of using solar irradiance meters in our Red Light Therapy Buyer’s Guide, it is clear that the MitoMAX 'outshines' these higher priced competitors.