Email 3 - Sleep and Immune Benefits of RLT

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SUBJECT: Would you like to sleep more deeply and strengthen your immune system?

Hello FirstName,

Your name here As you've been seeing, there are many wonderful benefits of Red Light Therapy (RLT) and this one can make an incredible difference to your overall health and how strong your immune system is.

Several scientific studies have shown a direct correlation between the use of RLT and increases in melatonin (often called the "Sleep Hormone") levels which leads to deeper, more restful sleep.

Melatonin is one of the most powerful antioxidants that your body creates and does a lot to make you healthier overall including reducing anxiety and supporting the prevention of disease.

Melatonin levels typically diminish throughout life which is precisely why I am so excited about the compelling research that you can find in the article below.

In these crazy times, it's worth mentioning that there is also scientific evidence that demonstrates that the higher your melatonin levels are, the less likely you are to be impacted negatively by viral infections of any kind.

The beauty is that even if you aren't getting as much sleep as you'd like...what you can do with daily RLT is ensure that the quality of your sleep is as high as possible.

The deeper and more restful your sleep is, the better your overall energy levels are, the more balanced your hormones are and the stronger your immune system is.

Many people who use Red Light Therapy openly share that they have seen a significant improvement in their sleep quality with regular use and this is often one of the first benefits they experience.

Hopefully, you're seeing a trend that surfaces quickly when you begin researching RLT...

The more you learn, the more exciting this simple and easy to implement therapy is.

To learn even more about the research on this area and the impressive increase in melatonin that the RLT subjects experienced, you can check out this article here:

Red Light Therapy - Sleep, Energy and Performance
I hope that you've been enjoying learning more about Red Light Therapy as I share what I've been finding out about it with you.

While it is beginning to gain more popularity, there are still far too few people who fully appreciate all that RLT has to offer.

It's an honor to have you here with me I appreciate your willingness to read my emails and continue to learn more about how to effectively improve your health.

Enjoy your day!

Talk to you again soon,

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