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Independent 3rd Party Testing Results - MitoMOD Series

Posted March 05, 2021

We are super excited to share results from recent independent, third party testing performed on Mito Red's MitoMOD 900.

These tests were performed by Independent Testing Laboratories (ITL) in Colorado, one of the most respected testing companies in the world.

The results show that the MitoMOD 900 delivers unmatched value in a full body red light therapy device.

The 3rd party testing results show that the MitoMOD 900 delivers an impressive 47,320 Joules in 10 minutes.

MitoMOD 900 Independent Testing Results

Mito Red Light MitoMOD Independent testing

To understand the calculations, Total Radiant Flux of 78,867 milliWatts = 78.9 Watts.

1 Watt = 1 Joule Per Second

So to calculate Joules in 10 minutes it is simply 78.9 Watts X 10 minutes X 60 seconds / minute = 47,320 Joules.

As a reminder, the testing results of our Original Series MitoMAX were very similar.

The MitoMAX independent testing demonstrated a Total Radiant Flux of 80,574 milliWatts = 80.6 Watts or a total of 48,344 Joules in 10 minutes.

The MitoMOD 900 results are very exciting to us here at Mito Red. The MitoMOD 900 is lighter, costs less than the MitoMAX, has modular capability and thanks to the design improvements and improved internals, delivers only ~2% fewer joules per 10 minute session as the MitoMAX - DESPITE having 10% fewer LEDs (180 vs 200)

Here is an excellent example of of why professional diagnostic testing is so important.

There are many, many variables that combine to produce the power output of a light therapy panel including: the number of LEDs, rated power of the LEDs, overall quality of the LEDs, power consumption (also impacted by the fans and other electrical components in the device), quality of the power supply drives, beam angle and spacing of the LEDs in the panel.

Only professional diagnostic testing can accurately demonstrate what the combination of those inputs is ULTIMATELY delivering.

Here is the spectral graph on the MitoMOD 900 and ESPEO output by wavelength.


Are other manufacturers of at home red light therapy sharing the results of independent testing of their devices?

f you are going to invest in a red light therapy panel, shouldn't you know that the lights have been independently tested and validated?

At Mito Red we cut to the chase and offer red light therapy devices that truly deliver red and NIR power in the "therapeutic window"- and we offer them at reasonable cost, with exceptional and innovative design and with an industry leading warranty.

With now several years in the red light therapy business and thousands of satisfied customers, you can trust Mito Red Light to deliver superior value time and again.

Check out our full catalog or go here to see more information about how we compare to other lights on the market.

If you are looking for the best at home red light therapy, be sure to read our article Red Light Therapy at Home - The Definitive Buyer’s Guide



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