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      Super charged, high powered full body treatment with the MitoMAX 1000w 200 LED red light therapy device. Best full body red light therapy panel available on the market. Compare to lower-powered 36 inch panels that can run $1195 or more! Four whisper quiet fans keep LEDs cool ensuring 50,000 hour lifespan. Dual switches, one each for 660nm and 850nm, allow for full customization of the session. Highest irradiance on the market. Full 3 Year Warranty.


      Mounting hardware, instruction manual and goggles


      Size: 36" X 8.25" X 2.75"

      Input Voltage: AC100-240V

      LEDs: 200  x 5w

      Actual Power: 330 ±5% 

      Color Ratio: 660nm:850nm=1:1

      Irradiance: >100mw/cm2 @ 6 inches

      Switches: Dual Switches, one for 660nm, one for 850nm to allow for full customization of the session

      Beam Angle: 60 degree 

      Weight: 20 lbs

      Lifespan: 50,000 hours

      Warranty: 3 years

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Bernadette A.
United States

Amazing results so far....

I was skeptical at first but the results have been amazing. My BF had an Achilles injury and just after one light treatment, he had immediate relief. Now he’s addicted and goes on it everyday pre/post workout. It’s only been 2wks so cant wait to see long term results. I also had sore throat and did the light & was gone immediately.

Richard C.
United States

Recent Purchase

After investigating and reading several double blind studies on red and near infrared light therapy, reading NASA statements, finding and reading reviews and some endorsements on different makers or sellers of Red Light devices, also two months of using red light beds at a tanning salon, i purchased the MitoMax. It has arrived and appears to be well constructed and of quality materials. The technical information on the Mito Red Light site for the Mito Max appears to be closest to the light emittance and irradiance talked about in the studies i read. I have used the device every day since receiving. I cannot report any specific benefits to date... it has been several months since taking red light therapy at the tanning salon, I did feel and see benefits from those sessions and expect to see and feel the effects of using the Mito Max.

Marcia H.
United States

Miraculous results

I love my Mito Red Max! I previously bought a joov Mini which I Also love and thought to slowly build to a Max which would be over $3,000. When I saw the ad for the Mito red and the the fact it’s stronger and a quarter of the cost of the joov max, I was both intrigued and skeptical . I spoke at length with the owner and developer Scott . He answered all Of my questions and imparted that he wanted to create a system that was affordable. Granted, you don’t get all the bells and whistles of expensive marketing built in timer and such .... but it also makes this device weigh less which I like. decided to take a chance ! This device is so powerful that standing at 12 inches away it covers my entire body head to toe ( I am 4’10”.... if you are taller you might only be able to treat knees a to top Of head as Scott told me he does;) This saves me so much time as I was spending 2 hours with the joov mini trying to Treat my whole body . Now I can spend all the time I save on exercising . The Mito red has definitely Increased my muscle strength and recovery time But the best news for me is not only is my lower back pain gone, but my osteopath told me my Scoliosis is actually getting better! This is not supposed to happen- it’s supposed to get worse ! Hence I say miraculous results. I can not recommend this product highly enough. Please do read all the books and on line research available on red and near infrared therapy. Educate yourself. Scott is making this affordable for us by not buying the names of famous people and famous doctors like other companies do to endorse his product. This is therapy for everyone , not just the Wealthy !

John B.
United States


I couldn’t be more pleased with the two MitoMaxes I purchased. Within the span of a week, my energy has improved so much that I am now able to engage in the kind of daily exercise regimen that was not possible before: 30 minutes on my rebounder and a twelve mile bike ride in the early morning, and a heavy-weight workout in the late afternoon—all without the heavy fatigue I used to feel after any one of these events. I barely had it together to do much of any exercise at all. Not only that, but my skin tone has improved, and the torn muscle near my shoulder blade and my rotator cuff injury have healed. Big thanks to Scott for this excellent product, his swift replies to the questions I had about shipping, and the fact that my order was boxed and out the door quicker than you could say “Jack Flash!”

Joseph A.
United States

Good light

Well so far so good I'm happy with my light. So far so good.