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MitoPRO Ultimate-Mito Red Light
MitoPRO Ultimate-Mito Red Light
MitoPRO Ultimate-Mito Red Light
MitoPRO Ultimate-Mito Red Light

MitoPRO Commercial Series


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Introducing the new MitoPRO Ultimate! Now you can get the unique MitoPRO multi-wavelength design in this one-of-a-kind massive panel which contains an incredible 1,080 LEDs.

At just over 100 pounds and nearly 6.5 feet tall, the MitoPRO Ultimate is designed to sit on the floor while being bolted to the wall with a L-bracket. No stand or hanging required!

Learn more about the science behind the MitoPRO here. 

Size: 76" X 25" X 3"
LEDs: 1080
Wavelengths: 50% Red and 50% Near Infrared (NIR)
25% 630nm, 25% 660nm, 25% 830nm, 25% 850nm

Digital Control panel with Timer:  Session times up to 20 minutes. Use Red, NIR or both at the same time! 
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
Beam Angle: 60 degrees
Weight: 101 lbs
Power Consumption: 1550W
Warranty: 3 year warranty
Compatible with all worldwide voltages. 
Download the full user manual here

FDA Class II
Mito Red Original Series, MitoMOD Series and MitoPRO Series are FDA registered Class II devices.
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Available only from Mito Red, the patent-pending MitoPRO series incorporates the four most bio-active wavelengths 630nm / 660nm (Red) and 830nm / 850nm (Near Infrared). This unique configuration drives enhanced efficacy by delivering increased light energy at the parts of the spectra which maximize cytochrome c oxidase activation.

Use Red (630nm / 660nm) alone, Near Infrared (830nm / 850nm) alone, or both at the same time!

Set your session time, hit OK and sit back and relax!

Connect together on the back of the door or on our Mito Red Light Mobile Stand!