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Shedding Light on the Matter of Irradiance

Shedding Light on the Matter of Irradiance


At Mito Red Light we strive to deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective red LED light therapy devices - from our MitoMIN for a more targeted or portable red light therapy to our MitoMAX or MitoMEGA for full body infrared light therapy treatment. No matter the size or price of a Mito device, you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best bang for your buck: dialed-in therapeutic wavelengths of 660nm or 850nm, 50,000 hours of operational lifespan, and industry-leading irradiance.


Choosing the right product for red light and near infrared light therapy might seem as complicated as the science, but it’s really not. Other LED light therapy manufactures, may try to confuse or deceive the consumer by over-complicating the issue or not being open and transparent about the specifications of their devices.


But the reality is, there are really only two primary factors (aside from cost obviously) you need to consider when choosing a LED light therapy device:


1) Wavelengths Used (at Mito Red we use the most clinically studied and proven wavelengths of 660nm RED and 850nm NIR). Other manufacturers may add wavelengths in an attempt to differentiate themselves in the marketplace; however in our view, not only is this completely unnecessary it may in fact be counterproductive.  The second factor one needs to consider is…


2) Power or irradiance of the lights.


A quick definition of irradiance is “the measurement of how much light energy a surface receives from a light source.” The more powerful the light source is, or the closer the light is, the higher the irradiance. That’s why it’s crucial to measure irradiance at the correct distance: if you’re right next to a light source, you’ll measure a much higher irradiance than if you’re standing twenty feet away, even though it’s the same light with the same amount of power.


With red light therapy, the surface is your skin, and the light source is a red light therapy box like our MitoMID. The higher the irradiance, the more beneficial stimulation your body’s cells are receiving. Some products claim to have a certain amount of irradiance, but neglect to mention that irradiance was measured at the surface of the light itself, rather than at the real distance you would use a red LED light therapy device: around 6-12 inches away. When measured at actual-use distances, the red light therapy devices with the highest irradiance are Mito Red Lights, every time.


At the end of the day that is what makes Mito Red Light therapy devices the best value on the market: you get the a) most effective wavelengths at the b) highest irradiance for the c) lowest cost! More irradiance means you get all the benefits of red light therapy in less time, so you can see the same amazing results with 5 or 10 minute sessions instead of 15 - 20 (or more) minutes.

So, it is not at all complicated. It's quite simple and a true a win-win: save money on your home red light therapy device, and save time using it.


  • Miriam J. Pedrayes. (Mikki)👍

    Yes Wow!!!
    …this feels like magic I just received my new Mito midi…… and it feels very magical… i used both frequencies.. the near infrared
    and the 660mn…. I am not sure if that’s good ?…and then I switched to doing it separately
    and at different times… each for 6 minutes…. and the vibration on my skin…(as I was feeling ) on my face was tingling..and also on my scalp it ….was amazing!!!

    I kept my eyes closed I would like to figure out how to use it for my feet …but I have to tell you this felt very space Like magical… do I describe Magic I would say it’s a feeling of transformation and Transcendence all at once ….maybe it’s fleeting because one needs to be consistent but the minute I turned on the box… I knew I was in for the long haul of using this box….thank you for producing and inventing this and thank you for lricing such a high-caliber product at a reasonable price…as i am on a fixed pension and this was well within my budget… thank you thank you —thank you!!

    What a Turn On for Health!!♡♡♡

  • Stajen Warness

    Do you ship to Canada

    Do you have discounts for health practitioners?

    Warness M.D.

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