How to Meet Your 2023 New Year's Resolutions

How to Meet Your 2023 New Year's Resolutions

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It seems hard to believe, but we are ushering in 2023! The new year is an exciting time to reflect on the past year and make plans for what you will achieve in the upcoming year. As a new year begins, many people make New Year’s resolutions, committing to improvement in the upcoming year.

General Tips for New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are wonderful motivators to improve your upcoming year; however, the unfortunate truth is that not too many New Year’s resolutions survive until February.  At Mito Red Light, we are committed to helping you reach your goals. Here are some tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions and stay consistent throughout 2023.

Make Your Resolution Measurable

Many New Year’s resolutions are not kept because the people that made them did not set themselves up for success initially. Making your New Year’s resolution measurable by setting a clear goal is essential for succeeding in your new resolution.

A resolution to exercise more, for example, is not a resolution that has a clear and measurable goal. When you reach the end of 2023, how will you know if you exercised more than you did in 2022? If you make a resolution to exercise for half an hour three times a week, however, it will be much easier to measure how successful you were and to tell when you are starting to not meet your new resolution.

Make Your Resolution Realistic

While your resolution should be measurable, it also needs to be realistic. Having a resolution to lose 30 pounds in a month, for example, is specific and measurable; however, it is unlikely that anyone could healthily achieve this goal.

Having a realistic resolution benefits you in two key ways. Firstly, it is more motivating. A resolution to lose 5 pounds by the end of February, for example, is very achievable and something you are more likely to work towards than losing 50 pounds in the same period of time. Secondly, you are more likely to succeed. Small goals that are achieved are more valuable than more lofty goals that are never realized.


Break Your Resolution into Small Milestones

Most New Year’s resolutions are made with the entire year in mind. For example, someone may decide to lose 40 pounds in the upcoming year. The problem with this approach is that the end of 2023 is a long way off. If you break it down into one-month milestones, however, it becomes more of a present goal. Losing 3 1/3 pounds per month is not only less daunting, but it also gives you something to aim for in the near future instead of looking 12 months out.

Write Your Resolution Down

New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to get lost in our minds as we get further into the new year. If your New Year’s resolution only exists in your mind, the odds are you will eventually forget about it, often sooner than you thought. 

If you write down your New Year’s resolution and place it somewhere you are likely to see it often, such as your bathroom mirror or the fridge, you will be reminded of it more consistently. This will help you not to forget about your New Year’s resolution and encourage you to continue to work to make it a reality. 

Achieving Specific New Year's Resolutions

While our general tips for making your New Year’s resolutions a reality are good for any type of resolution, there are also some tips that are related to specific resolutions. Below we have provided some tips to help you succeed with the three most common New Year’s resolutions people generally make.

Exercising More

new year's resolution exercising more

Exercising more is a very popular New Year’s resolution and one that offers a lot of benefits if followed through on. Exercise provides several benefits, including:

  • Reducing your weight
  • Improving your overall health
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving physical ability

As mentioned previously, New Year’s resolutions to exercise more should be specific, outlining how much more you plan to exercise and breaking your resolution down into realistic milestones.

Exercising more can seem like a daunting task; however, there are some tips that you can implement to improve how effective your workouts are and to stay on track.

  • Have a regular exercise schedule - A regular schedule will help you adhere to your plan over a long-term period of time.
  • Have a pre-workout and post-workout routine - Working out can be safer and more productive if you stretch before and after. A good workout routine requires addressing the period before and after your workout in addition to the workout itself.
  • Stay hydrated - Good hydration while working out is very important to prevent muscle damage and stay healthy.
  • Don’t push too hard - Exercise provides long-term benefits that take time. Don’t push too hard at the beginning, or you may cause damage that keeps you from exercising consistently.

Red light therapy also can serve as an invaluable tool for exercise programs. Those who are increasing the frequency or intensity of their exercise, or may even be starting to exercise without previously having an exercise program in place, should consider using red light therapy.

Red light therapy is thought to work by stimulating mitochondria in the cells, increasing the energy they produce. This can help heal muscles following a workout, increase stamina during a workout, and ultimately improve your workout success.

Lose Weight

new year's resolution losing weight

Losing weight is a very common New Year’s resolution, especially coming out of the holiday season when people tend to gain a few pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight is a good idea, as it decreases your risk of numerous health conditions and improves how you feel about yourself.

When resolving to lose weight, it is very important to plan out how much you will lose and within what timeframe. Like other resolutions, it is important to break down your goal into small, achievable milestones so that you can measure your progress.

Some of the key tips to help you lose weight include:

  • Weigh yourself every day - You lose weight fractions of a pound at a time. Weighing yourself each day helps you to see your progress and causes you to face the consequences of your actions over the last few days, whether good or bad. This ultimately encourages you to take the right actions moving forward.
  • Choose foods that have low caloric density - Calories are what ultimately cause weight gain; however, the volume of food you eat is what makes you feel full. Eating foods that have low caloric density will help you to stay full but avoid gaining more weight.
  • Give yourself some freedom - Strict diets or completely avoiding sweets is often unsustainable in the long run. An overall healthy approach is more sustainable than a strict diet.
  • Exercise regularly - Regular exercise helps to burn energy and reduce weight faster. Exercise can also encourage a healthy lifestyle, improving your relationship with food and health decisions.

Red light therapy is used by many people to help reduce their weight. In addition to augmenting the effects of exercise, red light therapy research suggests that it can help people to lose weight. When combined with other strategies, red light therapy could help you meet your weight goals more quickly. 

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Live Life to the Fullest

Living life to the fullest is a common New Year’s resolution. This resolution can mean many things to different people; however, it generally includes the idea of not getting stuck in a rut, instead experiencing new things, going to new places, and meeting new people.

Some tips for living life to the fullest include:

  • Define what a full life means to you - Fulfillment is different for each person. Before you can focus on living life to the fullest, you should define what this looks like for you. This could include making a list of 5-10 things you would like to achieve in the upcoming year.
  • Make a plan - Once you know what experiences or goals you would like to pursue to live life to the fullest in 2023, you will need to make a plan on how you hope to achieve these goals. This can include logistics, finances, and scheduling so that you can meet your goals.
  • Stay healthy - Living life to the fullest requires good health. Life can be busy, making it important to have energy and health to live a full life. This is especially true if you are planning to travel or are taking on a challenge that is physically demanding.

Red light therapy does not affect living a full life like it does exercising or weight loss. It can, however, help to promote the health and energy that is needed to live a full life. Red light therapy is used to improve skin quality and manage pain, making it a potential means of helping you to feel better about yourself and live a better life.



The most important key to success with a New Year’s resolution is consistency. Having a plan in place to stay consistent in your resolution will help it survive long into 2023. Consistency requires having a plan and having the tools in place to help you successfully execute that plan.

We can help you to stay consistent with the use of red light therapy to support your 2023 New Year’s resolutions. Red light therapy is easy to make a consistent part of your weekly routine if you have access to high-quality red light panels.

We offer a variety of red light therapy products to help you meet your specific needs. Access to your own red light therapy panels will help encourage you to consistently use this method of supporting your New Year’s resolutions. We welcome you to review our selection of high-quality products or to contact one of our expert representatives at +1 866-861-6486.

DISCLAIMER: Mito Red Light devices are not clinically proven to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. Mito Red Light devices are Class II general wellness devices aimed at affecting the body through topical heating and supporting cellular function. The scientific studies referenced in this article are for informational purposes only. To see a list of precautionary warnings and contraindications, click here.

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