Not   Non-Combinable
MitoPERFORM Select / Max (Vertical or Horizontal) Stand-Mito Red Light

MitoPRO Commercial and PERFORM (Vertical or Horizontal) Stand


This heavy-duty horizontal stand is designed to support the Mega panel from our MitoPERFORM and MitoPRO Commercial series.

The Mega fit's wonderfully on this horizontal stand so that you can provide full-body coverage to people who are lying down on a massage table.

This can also comes with the necessary brackets to assemble in a vertical configuration.

Due to large size of the MitoPRO Commercial and MitoPERFORM panels:

MitoPRO MEGA and MitoPERFORM MEGA are compatible with horizontal or vertical.

MitoPRO ELITE and MitoPERFORM ELITE are compatible with vertical only.

MitoPRO ULTIMATE and MitoPERFORM ULTIMATE are floor mount only.