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Red Light Therapy Industry Shenanigans

Posted December 28, 2020

Recently, we penned a quick rebuttal to an article from a competitor debating the merits of using 3 watt vs 5 watt LEDs.

You can read that article here:

Myth Busters Busted: The 3-Watt vs 5-Watt LED Non-Debate

Now it has come to our attention that a video has been posted on YouTube and on a website which makes false claims about our products.

The video attacks our business in 3 ways:

1) The video begins by pointing out that our warranty policy page had stated the warranty on our devices is 2 years, but on the MitoPRO product page it states 3 years. The warranty on the MitoPRO is in fact 3 years and we have updated our policy page to reflect that.

2) The video then claims that 5 watt LEDs cannot be single chip. This is demonstrably false - 5 watt LEDs can be either dual or single chip.

3) The individual in the video then takes irradiance measurements with a cheap solar meter at 6 inches and claims the MitoPRO 1500 measures only 50 mW/cm2.

This is one of the most egregious examples of chicanery we have seen. It is obvious that one of two things is happening here.

  1. The Near Infrared (NIR) is turned OFF while the individual takes the measurements (friendly reminder: NIR is invisible to the naked eye). The individual conveniently does not show the control panel in the video as it would clearly indicate (to the viewer) if the Near Infrared was indeed OFF.
  2. The other possible way to game these measurements would be to partially cover the sensor on the front of the solar meter, reducing the amount of light energy it detects.

Either way, it is absolutely NOT possible for a MitoPRO 1500 (with both red and NIR on) to produce these measurements on a Tenmars TM206 solar meter at 6 inches. This is blatantly false.

We demonstrate some solar meter measurements and how the measurements can be corrupted in the video below:

If any of our customers past or present have any further questions on this, please contact us.

(We would be remiss in not, once again emphasizing the limited utility of solar meter measurements to begin with. We provide this directional data because, for better or worse, it has become a de facto comparison metric in the RLT panel industry. However, savvy buyers know that when assessing the value a red light therapy panel provides, they need to know the total energy output (joules). This can ONLY be measured accurately by professional diagnostic testing. Mito Red Light is one of the only companies in the space that actually publishes independent diagnostic data. Our professional diagnostic testing results are available here).

Of course, we were curious who exactly would go through such trouble to contrive such a transparently phony 'review'.

Sure enough:

1) The Youtube video is posted under a pseudonym and it is the first and only video posted by this individual.

2) The website domain was registered on 8/31/20 through NameSilo, who partners with to keep domain registrars anonymous. Several other similar web domains were registered in the identical manner in March 2020.

3) The individual in the Youtube video never actually shows his face.

In fact, the website displays an image of this "scientist" which is simply a royalty-free stock photo which can be downloaded here:



As we continue to investigate and compile evidence it is fascinating what we have already uncovered from cursory search of public records such as the Better Business Bureau and criminal and civil court records.

More to come….

If you'd like to see more irradiance testing (from an unbiased third party) of red light therapy panels we recommend the video below. The presenter is a well respected expert in the red light therapy space and uses a $2,500 spectrometer to conduct the tests (not a $70 solar meter). As a bonus, he doesn't hide behind anonymity so he can make fraudulent claims!

For us, the key takeaway is this:

Disruptive companies always face resistance from entrenched incumbents.

At Mito Red we'll continue to focus on what matters most - delighting our customers. As we approach our 2 year anniversary, we have compiled hundreds of glowing customer testimonials. We will continue to do what we do best - innovate, offer the highest quality products and service, provide unparalleled customer experience and to support our customers in any way we can.

To learn more about red light therapy and how to avoid the scammers and fraudsters out there, we encourage you to read our buyer’s guide:

Red Light Therapy at Home - The Definitive Buyer's Guide



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