Mito Red Light | Red Light Therapy Glasses IR5 (Extra Dark)


Ready to jump to red light therapy (RLT)? That’s great. Before you start, let’s make sure you’re suited up so you can get highly beneficial infrared light and near infrared light (NIR) sessions safely and effectively.

As beneficial as red light therapy devices are for your body (head to our guide for a breakdown of all the benefits), your eyes need protection from your light therapy sessions. Enter Mito Red Light Therapy Glasses. These glasses have an IR5 rating, the same that you’d find in protective glasses designed for welders. 

Although red light wavelengths are not as high energy as UV rays, continual exposure to LED light therapy can be irritating and even lead to dry or watery eyes and tension headaches in some users. Protect your peepers and enjoy your infrared light therapy with our extra dark and completely comfortable eye protection, which features wraparound lenses to prevent bright light from entering the sides of your eyes. 

Users prefer our eyewear to goggles and face masks because they sit comfortably, feel lightweight, and don’t leave visible wear lines on the skin. These glasses are an integral part of your anti-aging and wellness routine when combined with Mito Red Light Therapy products.

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Mito Red Original Series, MitoMOD Series and MitoPRO Series are FDA registered Class II devices.
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