Mito Red vs Competitors

See below how the Mito Red Light compares to its competition. 

First we have a comparison of energy output between the
MitoMAX and the Joovv Solo.

Mito Red Light MitoMAX vs Joovv Solo

*Joovv Solo data is taken directly from Joovv's website

MitoMAX data courtesy of Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc.
More information can be found on our blog post.

Next we have irradiance measurements comparing the MitoMAX
to other popular full body panels on the market. 

Summary - Irradiance at 12 inches

Brand A: 353 w / m2

Brand B: 341 w / m2

MitoMAX: 505 w / m2

*All measurements taken with 

TES 1333 Portable Solar Power Irradiance Meter

Brand A

  Brand A

Irradiance at 12 inches- 353 w / m2


Brand B 

Brand B

Irradiance at 12 inches - 341 w / m2




Irradiance at 12 inches - 505 w / m2