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      Super charged, high powered targeted treatment with the MitoMID 500w 100 LED red light therapy device. Compare to a competitor's lower-powered and smaller (15") panel priced at $695.

      Two whisper quiet fans keep LEDs cool ensuring 50,000 hour lifespan. Dual switches, one each for 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR), allow for full customization of the session. Use Red, NIR or both at the same time! Highest irradiance on the market. 2 Year Warranty.

      1 X Power cord
      1 X Goggles
      1 X User Manual
      1 X Steel cable
      1 X Door hanging hook
      1 X Adjustable height pulley system 


      Size: 19" X 8.25" X 2.75"

      Input Voltage: AC100-240V

      LEDs: 100  x 5w

      Actual Power: 145 ±5% 

      Color Ratio: 660nm:850nm=1:1

      Irradiance: >100mw/cm2 @ 6 inches

      Switches: Dual switches, one each for 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR), allow for full customization of the session. Use Red alone, NIR alone or both at the same time! 

      Beam Angle: 60 degree 

      Weight: 9 lbs

      Lifespan: 50,000 hours

      Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

      Download the full user manual here.

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A Mito Red Light Customer
Steven W.
United States United States

Crave The Red Light

Been using my MitoMid for a couple weeks. My body craves it! I suffer from depression and joint pain. Which is why i decided to try red light therapy. I so happy I did. Waking up in the morning is difficult for me. Using my Mito I cant wait to turn it on in the morning and have my coffee in bed. After 15-20 mins im energized and ready to take on the day. Im not as anxious going into the winter season now (I live in Canada ... its cold and dark in the winter). and im taking less tylenol for my joint pain. I love bio hacking and follow all the pro's including David Asprey who talks about the benefits of light therapy. Even though he has a line of Red Light Therapy devices, after doing my research Mito beat everyone for the best price and value. Not to mention Customer Service and real and authentic customer reviews. Now I need to by the mini so I can bring it along when I travel. I'd love to hear peoples experiences of what you do when you travel with your Mito. Especially with carry on.

Fran L.
United States United States


I I have noticed the pores on my Greek nose is much smaller and now waiting on the nose to get a little bit smaller and loving what I am seeing.....

Jamie P.

Beyond expectations

Very happy with my mitoMid. Using on myself daily and feeling a gentle lift in mood and increased deep sleep. Shipping easy and all my questions answered prior. Great work Mito.

Taylor M.
United States United States

Great red light as far as I can tell

It has worked great right out of the box. The hanging apparatus it comes with is ok although something that allowed you to slide adjust the height would be the absolute best improvement I can think of. The power supply cord is great quality and a good length. Switches feel good and have a definitive click on and off. Outer shell is stamped steel so I imagine it would handle some abuse if it had too. At about 6-8 inches you can feel the heat on your skin. I am new to the whole idea of red light therapy but I am trusting my doctor's advice and I've been doing it daily. Have I seen a change from using it? No Does it make me feel better? In a placebo kind of way, yes. I know I'm doing what my doctor had recommended and what many people in the "body-hacking" realm swear by. I look forward to using it and reaping the long term benefits but for now I can't say it does anything. It does make me feel good that I didn't pay as much as I could have with another brand and I think based on videos this device is as good or better.


The Quality of This Light is Amazing!

I am so remarkably pleased with this MitoMid Red Light! These units are so heavy duty and well made. It’s incredible the benefits these lights give, from pain relief to mitochondrial benefits And even cognitive benefits in some conditions ~ the science is impressive on this technology. These units are powerful too, that is clear from the moment you turn it on. Having the ability to run the red lights and the infrared together or separately is a wonderful option. I can’t recommend this particular light enough to anyone wishing to add the wonderful therapy to their regime.