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buyer's guide, red light therapy -

We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of what questions consumers should be asking when deciding which is the best red light therapy device to purchase. We know for many this is a large purchase and they want to make sure they are investing wisely. Here is a quick summary of the primary features you should evaluate and questions you should have answered before making a buying decision.

Unfortunately, many companies in this industry take a simple topic (it’s just light after all) and do everything they can to make it overly complicated. They do this in an effort to confuse the consumer and ultimately justify a higher price tag. Our goal here is to cut through the noise and explain what really matters.

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5w vs 3w, buyer's guide -

Recently, we penned a quick rebuttal to an article from a competitor debating the merits of using 3 watt vs 5 watt LEDs. 

You can read that article here:

Myth Busters Busted: The 3-Watt vs 5-Watt LED Non-Debate

Now it has come to our attention that a video has been posted on YouTube and on a website which makes false claims about our products. 

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