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5w vs 3w, irradiance -

Recently an article (written by a competing LED light therapy company) was brought to our attention by a customer.

This article is a very poor (and often misleading) attempt to myopically claim that 3w LEDs are somehow superior to 5w LEDs. The reality is that LED size is simply one design element of a light therapy device - other important elements include quality of the LEDs, beam angle, number of LEDs, spacing between LEDs, how much power is driven through the LEDs, etc. Nevertheless this article raises some issues specific to LED size, so we quickly address the claims below.

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5w vs 3w, buyer's guide -

Recently, we penned a quick rebuttal to an article from a competitor debating the merits of using 3 watt vs 5 watt LEDs. 

You can read that article here:

Myth Busters Busted: The 3-Watt vs 5-Watt LED Non-Debate

Now it has come to our attention that a video has been posted on YouTube and on a website which makes false claims about our products. 

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