Q: Which one should I buy?

Posted April 15, 2021

For a detailed comparison of our THREE product lines see the chart HERE.

Here's some quick guidance:

Mito Red Original - if you think you'll only ever want one light, the Mito Red Original series provides unmatched power and value.

MitoMOD Series - same great power and performance as the Mito Red Original, but if you want (or may want in the future) modular capability to build out a larger setup, go with the MitoMOD Series.

MitoPRO Series - same great power but with additional Red (630/660nm) and NIR (830/850nm) wavelengths in order to truly maximize cytochrome c oxidase activation. Also comes with built in integrated control panel and timer (control an entire array with the push of a button). The MitoPRO Series is one-of-a-kind, top of the line red light therapy for the true red light therapy connoisseur.