Q: Do I need safety glasses with this light?

Posted April 15, 2021

While there is a growing body of scientific research suggesting that modest amounts of red and NIR LED light may benefit certain eye conditions, Mito Red's plug-in lights are very bright!

As such, goggles are provided and should be worn when facing the lights, particularly when NIR is active.

As an industry leader in red light therapy, Mito Red now includes both opaque protective goggles and high quality, comfortable IR5 lens glasses with every order. At Mito Red consumer safety is our number one priority. Additional high quality IR5 lens protective glasses can be purchased at a very low price (with free US shipping) here:


When using, DO NOT stare directly into the light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Again, our Mito Red Lights are very bright and if you have any eye problems, or any other health conditions at all, please consult with a licensed healthcare professional before using a device like Mito Red.